This is a concept dedicated to those creative spirits out there; a celebration if you like of all that is good and wholesome, for truly nothing can halt the beauty and power of the written word, or halt the stroke of an artist's brush.



South African Authors is delighted to present a comprehensive range of Secondhand Books for your reading pleasure. All books have been checked for completeness and our available Library of works is extensive and growing constantly. We offer a service to both the avid reader seeking new literary works, and to those who might wish to sell- on their collection of published works.


Please read through our extensive list of available books to find something you might enjoy at a fraction of the cost of a new book. Should you find something of interest, simply complete the order form and forward this on to us. Once read you may well wish to return the book to us for forward selling on your behalf.

Listing Books with us

For your convenience, we accept listings of books on our web site and the way this works is as follows:

  • For a nominal fee, your book is listed under one of our published genres
  • A buyer will notify us of intent to purchase and the requested cost is paid via EFT to our “Holding” account at which point you will be notified of the sale.
  • You are furnished with the forwarding address of the purchaser and send the book off and on confirmation of receipt by the buyer, your fee is transferred to your nominated account (less a 25% commission). It really is that easy.


We also offer a “search” service to readers and through our list of Book Dealers will do all in our power to source that special book you are looking for. All the work is undertaken by us and only on sourcing the work sought, will a commission be payable on the purchase price. Once the book is paid for, the item will be posted to your nominated address.

Listing Your Works with us?

Whether a full- length manuscript, poem or artwork, we accept all forms of acceptable artistic and written material on our web site for an annual fee which you may renew with us should you so wish.

Fees are kept to an absolute minimum as we appreciate just how tough it is out there – but at the very least this provides you with a platform for your work.

This allows your work to be presented “on line” to prospective publishers/fine art dealers as well as the general public and if of interest, we put you directly in communication with the publisher/fine art dealer.

By placing your work with us, we also provide for a “Critique” blog on your work, allowing others to hopefully comment and provide positive feedback to you. Please note that the blog is monitored by our Administration team and unsavory or defamatory comments will be deleted. This forum is designed to provide you with useful feedback and not to damage your writing spirit or artistic flair.

So, as William Wordsworth commanded, “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart!”