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Jules Verne – Around The World In 80 Days
January 27, 2021
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January 27, 2021
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Will Randall Botswana Time

Will Randall – Botswana Time


Botswana is Africa’s success story. Since its independence in 1966, the country has built itself, in a blighted continent, into a beacon of wealth and stability. On the edge of the mighty Kalahari desert, it still remains a largely mysterious corner of the world.

Through a series of serendipitous encounters, Will Randall found himself in Botswana, resuming the career as a teacher that had already taken him from an inner-London comprehensive to Poona in India. And now, in Botswana Time, that career veers enchantingly off the beaten track to the tiny town of Kasane. A place that has a very good prison’ and arguably the best football team in the land. A town where school speech day is attended by a tribe of mongeese, a family of warthogs, a couple of circling eagles and a watchful buffalo. A town where both Randall and teaching are welcomed with unquestioning openness – and where Randall learns, mostly through (mis)adventure, all about Botswana.

“This is a good-humoured book written by a man who went to Botswana with an open heart. The result is a wonderful, amusing and affirmative book about that remarkable country, filled with laughter, colour and simple decency. Bravo, Mr Randall. Bravo! ALEXANDER MCCALL SMITH

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