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Robin Binckes The Great Trek Uncut

Robin Binckes The Great Trek Uncut


Traditionally writers on the Great Trek have covered the event from a perspective not only of white history but predominantly of Afrikaner history. It has always been seen as an Afrikaner event. It was anything but. As the Great Trek and the events leading up to it involved every section of the population-Zulu, Sotho, Ndebele, Xhosa, San, Khoikhoi, Coloured, British, English-speaking South African and Boer-it is time to portray the trek in that light, in the context of a unbiased, modern South Africa.

“As graphic an account of the Great Trek I have read, told with the verve and flair of a novel.” CHRIS GIBBONS, journalist, magazine editor & broadcaster.

“An easy-to-read modern interpretation of South African history up to the end of the Great Trek in which the author correctly portrays the role players—both men and women, black and white-as staunch, rough and determined pioneers carving out a future for themselves and their descendants in a harsh, hostile environment.” JACKIE GROBLER, University of Pretoria historian & writer

“Besides the fact that The Great Trek indicates that there is a basis for estimating that organic relations were formed among the indigenous people and the Trekkers in South Africa, in current times it is a call for South Africans, black and white, to engage and complete the unfinished business of reconciliation.” DR MONGANE SEROTE, poet & writer

“Binckes takes the reader on a blockbuster voyage of one of South Africa’s most epic and heroic historical adventures. A superbly researched and beautifully told story of religious fervour, violent confrontation, disaster, hope, despair, bravery, defeat and victory.” JACQUES PAUW, writer & investigative journalist

“A wonderful story that spans 400 years of incredible human endeavour.” JEREMY MAGGS, TV broadcaster and commentator

“Binckes has written a finely crafted personal perspective on events that have shaped and will continue to shape South Africa’s future for many, many years. It is an insightful and fascinating read.” NICK BINEDELL, Prof. & Dean of Gordon Instute of Business Science

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