Orders From Berlin by Simon Tolkien
Simon Tolkien – Orders From Berlin
January 27, 2021
Paulo Coelho - Manual Of The Warrior Of Light
Paulo Coelho – Manual Of The Warrior Of Light
January 27, 2021
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Operation Venom Rising by Gary Murrary

Operation Venom Rising



Time is running out, and Special Agent, Major Jack Strong needs your help! Whoever picks up this dossier holds the key to the future of humankind. You must stop the enemy before it’s too late!

Read Major Jack Strong’s account of the mission. Notes in the margin will prompt you to decipher the codes within the text. There is a secret code book at the back of this book. Use it to translate the codes into passwords. Use the passwords to:

  1. Enter the top secret website: www.venomrising.com
  2. Hack into the enemy’s operations.
  3. Breach online security and disrupt their evil plans.

“It makes the Choose Your Own Adventure books that we enjoyed as children look almost prehistoric. 4/5 stars.” – News of the World

“Fantastic book.” – FQ Magazine

“An exciting new reading concept.” – School Library Association

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