Dan Simmons The Abominable
Dan Simmons – The Abominable
January 26, 2021
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James Herriot – Let Sleeping Vets Lie
January 26, 2021
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Jeffrey Archer the new collected short stories

Jeffrey Archer – The New Collected Short Stories


This edition brings together three of Jeffrey Archer’s classic collections of short stories: To Cut a Long Story Short, Cat O’Nine Tales and And Thereby Hangs a Tale, showcasing the master storyteller’s skill like never before.

From a story of love at first sight across the train tracks, to a tale about the cleverest of confidence tricks; and from the world of Her Majesty’s diplomatic service and someone’s creative financial talents, to that of the legal profession and those able to manipulate both sides of the Bar – every reader will have their own favourites.

In ‘Caste-Off’, Jamwal and Nisha fall in love while waiting for a traffic light to turn green in Delhi, and in ‘Don’t Drink The Water’, a company chairman tries to poison his wife while on a trip to St Petersburg – with unexpected consequences.

The stories held in these pages are irresistible: ingeniously plotted, with richly drawn characters and deliciously unexpected conclusions.

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