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P. G. Wodehouse – My Man Jeeves
January 27, 2021
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Max Arthur – Dambusters
January 27, 2021
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Hal Zina Bennett - The Lens Of Perception

Hal Zina Bennett – The Lens Of Perception


Alternative Consciousness Is Hot Again!

Known by many names, “the lens of perception” is the part of human consciousness that experiences our reality and is a core concept in virtually every ancient and modern spiritual and psychological tradition. Hal Zina Bennett’s premise is that not only is it possible to comprehend consciousness, but it is also possible to harness it and thus create our experience of reality- a theme that has intrigued everyone from Jungian psychologists to readers of Carlos Casteneda. Bennett’s skillful prose unravels this Gordian knot of ideas in a thought-provoking and, some might even say, mind-bending tour of individual self-awareness.

“This is a wonderfully lucid and intelligent book, full of fascinating insights into the mysteries of human perception. I love this book!” -Gabrielle Roth, author of Maps to Ecstasy

HAL ZINA BENNETT holds graduate degrees in language arts, psychology, and holistic health. He is best known for his original and fascinating work on shamanism, Earth-centered spirituality, and the transformative powers of creativity. He lives in northern California and teaches workshops on writing and shamanism throughout the United States.

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