Alistair MacLean - When Eight Bells Toll
Alistair MacLean – When Eight Bells Toll
January 26, 2021
alistair maclean hms ulysses
Alistair MacLean – HMS Ulysses
January 27, 2021
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Alistair MacLean Partisans

Alistair MacLean – Partisans


In wartime, people are either friends or enemies. In wartime, friends are friends and enemies die.

While Tito’s rebel forces resist occupation, the Germans infiltrate and plan their destruction.

Three Yugoslavs set out from Rome to relay the German battle plan – but their loyalties lie elsewhere.

A dangerous journey with dangerous companions where no one is who they seem where the three men find intrigue and betrayal around every corner…

Alistair MacLean is one of the few people writing today who has a story to tell’ Daily Express

“A magnificent storyteller Sunday Mirror

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