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Riaan Manser – Around Madagascar On My Kayak
January 23, 2021
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January 23, 2021
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Adriaan Snyman Words Of A Prophet

Adriaan Snyman- Words of a Prophet


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The chilling and astounding prophecies of a modern Nostradumus about a coming ethic World War, and other devastating events facing modern society.

…there are strong indications that the insuectionist plans of the righ wing Bormag( Boer force/power), which resulted in a series of bombings in late 2002, were at least partly motivated by Van Rensburg’s prophecies. Martin Schonteich and Henri Bohoff- ‘VOLK’ FAITH AND FATHERLAND (The Security Threat Posed by theWhite Right).

Close inspection of Van Rensburg’s prophetic visions yields a remarkable cnsistency with Kenneth Ring’s “prophetic vision” type near death experience… What is particularly striking about the prophecies of Van Rensburg is his attention to global events that he would only have had the faintest notion of during his time. Jonathan R. Armstrong- South African Eschatology.

Siener Nicolaas van Rensburg is regarded by many of his people as the Boer Nostradamus… In 1925 he saw a vision of South Africa ruled by a black government, which became a reality with the democratic election (1994). Van Rensburg predicted the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 more than 60 years before the event in 1923… And then there is Van Rensburg’s chilling vision of the outbreak of a third world war, sparked by ethnic violence (America’s war against terrrorism/Muslims). Chene Blignaut- Sunday Times.

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