South Africa, 3rd may 2007

This must be one of the funniest tales of Big Game fishing on the market. Part biography of a great fisherman, part tales of the antics of amateur fishermen on their first foray into the World of Game Fishing. Each chapter is a story on its own, often all but unbelievable and yet unutterably true in every detail. This is a book you will not read once, but will return to chapters detailing stories that are part of fishing folklore. It is a fine testament to a most noble sport and calls for conservation of our oceans and seas as the writers retell stories of high seas adventure. Gone Fishing is a must read for all aspirant and proven fishermen – it is a book for all, highly amusing, occasionally tragic, it tells of the wonders of fishing off the African coastline in custom designed Ski Boats, blooding rookies in the most delightful way and ensuring some great Tall Tales are forever recorded for prosperity. This is a beautifully written work that will bring a smile to everyone who reads the mad stories of Gone Fishing.


South Africa, 5rd June 2013

As the dawn of the twentieth century approaches, war between the most powerful colonising power in the world, England, and two small independent states at the tip of southern Africa is imminent. Corporal Jimmy Bond is a young idealist embarking on his tour of duty in the belief that this is a noble war. His ideals are soon challenged as he is faced by a determined and unorthodox enemy – Boer Commandos. Jan Brede, a young Afrikaner, returns to his homeland in the south after hunting elephant in the Zambezi Valley. He is intercepted during his journey by the English militia and entrained for the prison camps in the interior before making good his escape. Having had his belongings confiscated by the English, Jan journeys into the interior, joining forces with the enigmatic Umbani, a Zulu warrior blessed with the sacred gift of the isangoma. Together, the two men are thrust into the war through cruel and tragic circumstances, witnessing the utter brutality of Lord Kitchener’s Scorched Earth Policy. Anne Burnett travels to war-torn South Africa to serve as a volunteer nurse. Little could she have comprehended the effect this magnificent land would have upon her. Nor could she ever have imagined falling in love with one of her country’s enemies, an impossible liaison that strengthens her resolve and opens her eyes to the cruelty of war. This tale of war and adventure is littered with vibrant historical characters: the Prophecy of Nicolas van Rensburg, the Genius of General Smuts, the list is substantial. Riders in the Night heralds the incredible bravery of many nondescript men, true tales of mischief and unrivalled adventure amidst a backdrop of a terrible war.


South Africa, 10th July 2002

The wonderful adventures of a Young Zulu Warrior. It was early Spring, Shaka – King of the Zulus is hunting elephant when news of his mother’s death is brought to him by fearful messengers. The King’s wrath is explosive and for a young Zulu boy, his life will change forever. INGILUBE is hastened from his village before the vengeful witchcraft of the Isanusi condemns him to death. Young and terrified, Ingilube makes for the Zululand hills where the aged Magogo, a master at witchcraft, takes him under her care. Ingilube is soon to learn of the wonders of life in Africa and to master the mystical powers Magogo instils within him before he returns to the Kingdom of his people. Ingilube, a powerful warrior, embarks on a quest to find his beloved childhood friend Thandi, exploring nineteenth century Africa in a series of explosive adventures. INGILUBE is a tale of adventure amidst the remarkable and tragic history of the Zulu Nation

“I do not over-intellectualize the production process. I try to keep it simple: Tell the damned story.”

Tom Clancy, WD